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B & D Guitar Repair is committed to providing the best in customer service. We offer professional and friendly assistance to our customers for whatever they may need. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after the other. Don't just take our word for it, be sure to read through our customer testimonials, and you'll see why we are the best in the business!


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James Wyatt, ,

Billy does a fantastic job. Wonderful customer service. Just excellent.

joEyrocker, , B&D Guitars

Love this shop! Billy took my Wolfgang and made her sing. It was an Ebay purchase and the guitar had a few issues which Billy made right. Very happy. Also took two of my Marshall amps to Lowell and he upgraded and fixed some issues with them. They sound great. Thanks guys! joEy

Lee Hetzel, ,

I'm glad I found out about Billy. He does a great job and knows what he is doing. I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on my guitars. Thanks again Billy. You Rock !!!

David P, ,

I happened to find B & D thru a Google Search when I needed what ended up being a very minor repair to my guitar. I was VERY impressed with Billy and the care he provided. THANK YOU for what you do. I would definitely refer anyone to go see B & D for your guitar repairs!

G.KIng, ,

Billie just finished a set up and action adjustment on my Santa Cruz Tony Rice signature guitar. I'll bet even Tony would be proud playing it now!

Nancy Stephenson, ,

Billy is amazing with what he can do with guitars. He has my Gibson SG setup like a dream, much easier to play and sounds wonderful! Thank you! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for guitar repair he is truly the best!

Terry Scott, Owner, Creator, Songwriter, Bassist, Lyricist , Mechanics Of The Mind http://www.mechanicsofthemind.net

I first heard of B&D Guitar Repair, (Billy) from my friend and Guitarist Tony Linhares, Tony, has been going to Billy for years, and has told me Sworn to me, there is no one better to get your instrument checked out, and if it needs something he is the man to do the repairs the right way. So here is my outlook of my personal experience in the 4 times I have seen Billy - Billy is phenomenal, I cannot say that enough, its not just his amazing skill, experience, and ability to repair instruments, Billy's personality is always so vibrant, just a really nice guy, he is what they call a good soul. To me that is very important as when someone is working on an instrument that you rely on, and that you love, you want to be able to communicate, you want to be able to trust that if this instrument needs repairs, that the repair person is not just there to take your money and get you in and out, NO at B&D Guitar Repair, if your instrument does need work, and that it needs to be there for a few days, that you will know it is is SAFE, you also want, the repair person to know how you feel about the instrument - Are the strings buzzing on the 1st 3 frets, or up higher, did you change gauge of strings, and now it just needs a setup, you really want to communicate these things to get the best end result, and when you do, you do not want to feel inferior or like your walking on egg shells, when walking into any repair shop, Well at B&D , do they know more than you, YES They do, do they act like it, no they do not, there is never an attitude, or I'm better than you, as they are there to sincerely help you get the very best out of your instrument, Billy has years of experience, and the true ability to instantly recognize what your Bass or Guitar, may need or not need? NOT Need? that is also very important, as if you take your instrument to a shop, 9X out of 10 they are going to say you need this and that, and they are going to charge you for it, I know for a fact - and from my own experience - Billy is not like that, I have seen customers before me take their guitars in and ask Billy what should I do with this, or how can I make it play better ect...and I have watched Billy tell them, after looking at the neck, and doing some quick measurements, he will say this guitar is not worth repairing, it will cost you more than what it is worth, and in the end you should just buy a new guitar, ( Hey you may not like the answer but That is Honesty ) he could have easily said, Ill adjust your truss rod, file your nut, and give you a set up for $100.00 or whatever he may charge, Just to make money, But that is not what he or B&D is about, he is about perfection, he is about making sure that you first of all want to repair the instrument, and is it worth it, to you? Gives you an open quote, and and will write up an invoice, and if you want to do the repairs, he will say call me and let me know, That right there people is absolutely ZERO Pressure....like I said earlier 9X out 10 your not going to get that for other shops, as they are going to do the adjustment, intonation and set up, and are there to make money, or should I say take your money....I would urge anyone with an instrument, that lives in Arizona, or if you are a band traveling through AZ, if you have the opportunity to stop by and have billy take a look at your instrument, you would be doing yourself a world of good....That is just how I feel about B&D Guitar Repair...Thank you so much Billy...Customer For Life, sincerely Terry

Jery Paden, ,

Billy is a...liar! I took my G & L Legacy in and he interviewed me as to my playing; he said when he was done with my axe I would "love" it. Well, when I got it back I absolutely, positively, without an ounce of reservation FRIGGIN'-A LOVE IT. I already loved this guitar; but since I had not been playing out for some time I left it pretty much "off the shelf". Well, to draw an analogy, people argue that if "...people had lived before they would remember it." This experience showed me (again) that one can forget things and how they can be or should be so much better! Plus, I feel I gained a good friend. Thanks, Billy!

Michael Buric, ,

My guitar is playing like new, thanks to you. This is like a fountain of youth. I have never felt so energized. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Norman Rachels, , RETIRED

I had a Gibson from the time I was 12 years old until I got out of the Navy in 1963 (now 75). Short story: The Gibson was destroyed. A few years later I bought a used Fender, played for 10+ years, set it in a closet for 15+ years. Found that it need major work....traded it for a Gibson made in Canada in 2009 ((I was not aware of Gibson's troubles). After struggling with it for over a year, I heard about Billy, that he was the BEST, EXPENSIVE, and IT TOOK A LONG TIME TO GET WORK DONE. I took it to Billy, and he said it had a warped neck, needed fret work, setup and a few other things. The cost was more than I wanted to spend. I looked and tried to find the sound I wanted, trying new and used Martin's, Gibson's and others for over a year. Nothing met the sound I was looking for......Called Billy and gave him my YEAR OLD PLUS WORK ORDER #. He pulled it up out of his little book, REMEMBERED ME and THE GUITAR. I took it back to him, he had had a modest price increase, (HEY, it had been over a year, AND if he don't make money, he will not be there the next time YOU OR I NEED HIM) I agreed to the price and what he wanted to do. I took it back the day he said along with new strings he recommended. Got it back in just a few days after he: reset the neck, leveled the frets, did a setup, and rebuilt the nut, and installed the strings. YES, I GOT THE SOUND I WAS LOOKING FOR, DIDN'T BUY AN EXPENSIVE REPLACEMENT, AND NOW ENJOY PLAYING IT DAILY. BILLY'S "THE GUITAR MAN"....!!!!! IF YOU NEED WORK, DON'T DO LIKE I DID and PUT IT OFF FOR A YEAR. TAKE IT TO BILLY, HE'S THE BEST !!!!

Larry Wiles, ,

My kids bought me a Mexican Jimmie Vaughn Strat at a pawn shop. Horrible action, TexMex (toneless, wimpy) pickups. Billy did the action, setup, intonation and told me I would be happy with '54 Custom Shop pickups. My Strat plays like butta, perfectly in tune. The '54 pickups Roar, Scream, Quack, Twang and produce about any tone one could possibly want from a Strat. Billy made my guitar everything my kids hoped it would be when they gave it to me. "I thank God every day for my fingers and hands that allow me to play!" I thank God for the gift of perfection he gave Billy! an often troublesome but always appreciated gift!

Holy Crap. I picked up my Les Paul today after Billy only having it 2 days to swap out a pickup, redress the fretboard and straighten the neck. It plays exactly how I always thought it should. You may have to wait a while to get your guitar in, but this man does amazing work. I have been looking for someone with his skills for over 20 years and will not take any of my guitars to anyone else..ever!

I've had many repair jobs, etc. over the years and Billy is a master craftsman who does a superb job with in credible attention to detail that always comes through, take your instrument to him and you'll be blown away-he really takes the time to do and explain everything magnificently!

Wayne E. , ,

I brought Billy a Les Paul Classic Goldtop that I had just purchased for a possible set-up. He informed me that the neck was very uneven and that, unless I was completely in love with the guitar, I should take it back to where I got it and get my money back (luckily, the place I bought it from had a 14-day return policy). I know that if I had taken the guitar to a "cookie cutter" guitar repair shop they would have taken my money, wouldn't have said a word about the issue, and given it a half-@$$ set-up. Billy really wants your instrument to play and sound its best. I will be returning to his shop for an subsequent guitar(s) that I may purchase. Bravo!

Andy Simpson, Outside sales, Quality Discount Auto Parts

Billy worked on my Pedulla MVP bass and it plays like butter. He even did some extra things which it needed and I appreciate that. Thanks Billy!! Ive got another one for you 1981 G&L L2000E that needs a nut and a Billy set up. See ya soon.

Tom Conner , Owner, Tom Conner Guitarist

Billy is an amazing guitar tech. It took him a couple minutes to diagnose the horrible shape my guitar was in . He did the repair and setup perfectly and got the action the way I wanted it from discussions with me. Saved the guitar from the dust bin. Communication was great both by phone and in person. Highly recommend this man!

Chet Rogers, ,

Not much to add to what everyone else had said, except I've been playing guitar off and on for 45 years and NEVER had an electric guitar setup as well as what Billy has done. I've used the services of other luthiers in the Valley of the Sun and no one else even comes close. True professionals in the luthier business are rare birds, indeed, but B and D Guitars has that rarest of all birds: a true artist. I will be a repeat customer, without a doubt.


I've been taking my guitars to Billy for about 7 years now and he never ceases to blow my mind with his workmanship and care for my instruments. I just picked up my Gretsch Silver Falcon and Billy just took this guitar to a whole different level! Played it live for the first time last night through my newly modded AC30 that Lowell Hunt tricked out for me (absolutely brilliant).....this guitar is now off the charts!!! Pinned down the bridge, rebuilt the nut, changed out the saddle, crowned the frets, reset the neck.....it is the finest electric I own now! Restrung it with wound nickel 12's and BOOM, this baby is phenomenal! There is no one I trust more with my instruments than Billy. You knocked it out of the park my friend. Appreciate you man!

Dave "The Beast" Martin, ,

There is No doubt about it....BILLY's The BEST!!!! Both as a repair tech and a person!!! You're the man Billy!!! I Will NEVER and I mean NEVER take my basses to anyone else. Keep Rockin buddy!!!


About 4-5 months ago, I called Billy at B&D Guitar repair to ask about having a zero fret put in my Gibson Mastertone. He said he was with a customer, and asked if could call me back when he got done. That showed consideration, which impressed me right away. He soon called back, and spent quite a bit of time talking to me about the zero fret, asking my why I wanted it, and talking about alternatives. He asked me what style of music I play, what strings I use, and so forth. Then he warned me that his waiting list was long ("you're going to hate the wait"), but I already had a good feeling about him and decided to join the waiting list. Billy has an interesting way of handling the waiting list. He gives you a date on a Sunday in the future and asks you to call him on that day with your work-order number. When he talks with you, you will talk about about the work to be done, and arrange a day to bring in your instrument. When I brought the banjo to him, Billy examined it, and asked what I wanted done. He asked me to play it for him, which I did, badly (nerves--I'm no public performer). We then talked about the work to be done. I told him I know nothing about banjos, being a beginning player, so I wanted to take advantage of his expertise. I asked him to set it up right. He told me that the action was high by several thousands of an inch at such-and-such fret ("... a thousanths is as good a mile," he said), so I asked him to make it right. He also told me that the head was much too loose. I agreed to having him adjust the head, too. He warned me that heads can tear, and if that happened, I'd be springing for a new head, too. He gave me an estimate for the work, and I left my machine in his hands. One week later, I went to his shop to pick up the banjo. He told me that something just wasn't right when he was doing the neck reset; he ended up taking the neck off, and found that a screw had stripped the hole where a torsion rod attaches to the neck. He had drilled out the hole, glued in a piece of drumstick, and then put it all back together. He installed the zero-fret, set the neck right, leveled the frets, tightened the drum, and done some work on the bridge. He put me in a room with the banjo and told me to "beat it up" until I knew whether it was right or not, and then let him know. From the first note I played, it was an amazing transformation. The banjo's tone, which before was kind of muddy, was now crisp and clear. Barr cords that hurt my fingers before were easy, pull-offs were easier, and the instrument was just _pleasant_ to play compared to before. I didn't really know anything was wrong with it until Billy made it right; now I don't know how I could stand to play it before. The transformation was amazing. I'll be glad to use Billy's services again. The amount of time and attention he put into making sure that the banjo was set up right _for me_, and that I liked the results, made me feel like the only banjo player in the world. I believe he gives the same attention to anyone, whether they are a beginner or a top performer. Overall Rating 10

Dave, ,

the best

Jeff T., ,

Billy was great! I know nothing about guitars and I took my daughter in there to have a string fixed. He taught us more in 10 minutes than we have learned in over a year from her instructor. He fixed the string, tuned her guitar and gave us great advice. Thank you!

Jamie Parker, ,

The best fret work I ever had done. My guitar plays like a dream and my Floyd he installed finally stays in tune. I have 2 more guitars I am taking to Billy. He truly cares!


Billy is the only person I would leave my guitar with. He is the best in the business in my opinion.

Joe Roe, ,

I got my Les Paul back from Billy at B&D Guitars yesterday! Wow what a fantastic job he did. I had the fretboard totally redone. Fretboard was leveled, new frets installed, and a custom cut nut. Also went to Power Slinky 11's for the strings. Holy Rockriffs, this thing is blowing my mind. Great sustain, great action and great tone. Billy is the man! Life is good! Rock on good People!

Brad Riffs, ,

I've played and worked in the industry as a professional and a hobbyist for over 10 years, and I must say Billy O'Reilly is second to none! Incredible work, it will feel like you've never played your guitar before.

Bill Summers, ,

If you need anything done to your guitar, then take it to Billy. If you are buying a new or used guitar, take it to him first if possible. He may be able to save you a lot of grief. If you have a treasured instrument that needs "fixing up" the this guys the man. The only drawback is that he is only one guy, and gets lots of business from area guitarists, so you will have to be patient. Billy will not do a "rush job" but takes the time to do it right.

Dave, ,

My P-Basses feel at home when they are in shop. I know this might sound weird but It's like he develops a relationship with every guitar he works with not just the owner of it. He really (and I mean REALLY) takes pride in what he does and WOW does it show when you get the finished product!!! Just understand that this is not a drive-thru guitar fix. He won't have it done in an hour or two. He wants it PERFECT. To get it that way, it takes time.But rest assured that's what you'll get when he's done.....PERFECTION!!! Thank you Billy for doing all you do for me and my P-Basses. YOU'RE THE BOMB!!!

Jeff Smith, ,

Rickenbacker owners your quest for the right repair man is over! Billy is the man. My 78' 4001 had a warped neck and was in desperate need of a re-fret. I basically had him refurbished the whole bass with new electronics and wired with Chris Squire specs, with each pickup having it's own dedicated controls and output. This is a BAADD bass! Next on the list is my 83' 4003 with a broken neck. My confidence is high with Billy at the helm.

Robert B., ,

** Im 59 and have been playing guitar for 43 years... "Secret Agent Man"! Sorry...just had a flashback to my first fretboard experience...) I own 14 guitars...3 acoustic and the rest a tribute to 80's metal.. Vai Floral GMW "Frankenstein"...Charvel HRF... Jackson Dinky "Saturn"...etc... so im living in the past! :-) I only found out about Billy's shop 2 months ago. Been in Arizona for 35 years, but was pleased that his shop was just 3 miles away. My favorite guitar is a GMW Empire...and i thought since it(GMW) was 12 years old it needed a fret dressing and set up. Well Billy showed me just how badly my frets were worn, and the neck not even set right in the "Pocket"...so i opted for the complete overhaul. I had dead frets and problems from the 11th on up, so the first thing Billy asked me was to play for him. He noticed that i play very hard, and slap the fretboard with my right hand...(probably something aquired in my Gordon Lightfoot acoustic period! LOL He told me i should really go for heavier strings, (ive been a 9/42 guy for 30 years) and i resisted, telling him i really didnt like even like 10/46 sets. He said that he could set it up to where i would love the 11/48's. I was sure he was wrong but went with his advice. TONE! Wow...not only does my axe sing...but im also playing with less pressure..and allot cleaner! I can now relax my fretting hand pressure... and the note is clear. This guy knows his trade! Sure, you have to be patient, and wait to get near the front of the line, but there is a reason you wait! He is busy for a reason! When you want the best, you get in line! When he was done, i was amazed how great my guitar plays! Im actually learning to play differently, but in a better way. Could not be happier with my first experience with B&D !! If you want someone with the same passion, and love for guitars, you cannot put your "Baby" in better hands! I wish i could could post 6 stars...but 5 will have to do! Robert Burns Jackson/Charvel Forum Charvel http://USA.com The Gear Page Senior member

Shag D., ,

Went there once and now I'll never go anywhere else. Phenomenal personalized service. Billy was the first guitar repair guy who really sat down and took the time with me to figure out what I wanted and needed rather than just giving me a "standard set up". Took him my '62 reissue Telecaster. He watched me play, asked me how I generally play (capo or not) and what my concerns were. Along with the standard setup, he convinced me to move to a heavier gauge string, lowered the action and tweaked the bridge to give me more consistent tuning up the neck. Great stuff. Took him my Rickenbacker for similar love and he showed me that it really needed a fretboard rebuild. When I told him that I was worried that I might devalue it if I ever chose to sell it, he worked out a plan to make the best of it while retaining all the original parts. Not fast, and not cheap, just really, really, really good.

Jason Blayney, ,

Just wanted to drop a note on here to say that Billy did a great job on my '82 Yamaha SG. Billy noticed immediately that the reason treble side bends high on the neck were choking out was due to a slight twist in the fingerboard. Billy fixed it and the guitar is playing better than ever! Hey, the guy is busy so if you want fast, go elsewhere, but if you want it done right - bring it to B&D. I am bringing in another guitar next week for him to work on. Thanks again Billy!

Rich Charlton, lead vocalist/guitarist, http://www.basketballjonesaz.com

Billy and Lowell have both done work for me and they are both superb!! I highly recommend these two guys.

Dave M., ,

Unfreakin believable job!!!! this guy is "bar none" theeee best in his field!!!! i will no longer take my guitars to anyone and i mean anyone else but billy!!!! my basses sound like a million bucks!!!! thank you billy you rock!!!

Ray C., ,

Billy is simply put "Thee Best" his workmanship is unparalled! He's one of the most genuine, knowledgeable artists in his field of expertise!!! Visit him, enjoy his work and you'll never bring your prized 6 or 4 string masterpieces to anyone else ever!

Jolly M., ,

Billy the Owner helped me with a dumb mistake I made. I have a built in tuner and changed the battery, once I popped the tuner back into my guitar; it wasn't flush and stuck. I couldn't eject it to rearrange it. Thankfully Billy helped me quickly without damaging my guitar and was humble to not charge me for the fix. This guy deserves your business and it is privately owned! Thank you Billy!! :)

Andy Frank, Worship Leader, Artist, CCV

Billy has been the tech for all of my guitars since 2006. We refer all of our guitarist at our church to him and he has never failed to provide top quality service. I appreciate the fact that Billy shoots you straight on what really should be done on your instrument and will also discourage you from spending extra money in areas that really won't make a difference. Every time I pick up a guitar that he has worked on he won't let me leave the shop until I'm played the guitar and love the work....committed to his customers. He's also very realistic about the repair time. Billy's shop isn't a 1-day turnaround for most cases, but he will tell you that up front. The service, quality and excellence in which he does work are worth the wait.

Ray Cuomo, ,

Billy is a God (Simply Put!) He has worked on two of my guitars including my 1984 Gibson Explorer that has been with me since childhood. This guitar is my baby and plays like a dream somehow Billy made it even better than I could have possibly imagined. THANK YOU! His work is incredible! Don't waste your time going to anyone else.(Thanks Ray; but we only work for God...I certainly am not him! Thank you for your support!...Billy)

I took my son's new inexpensive 7 string for set-up and pick up install to Billy after doing some research and reading the other testimonials on this site. I took the testimonials I read with a "grain of salt" because really, "could he be this good"? Now I'm writing my own! I brought in a $500 guitar that now sounds and plays like a $2500 one. He spent time with my son to hear his style of playing, thoroughly examined the guitar and made recommendations of what could be done to enhance it's playability. It is a NIGHT AND DAY difference! It's as if this guitar was custom made for him. My son can't stop smiling every time he picks it up to play. We are now fans and WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE! Needless to say, I will be encouraging everyone we know who plays to visit Billy! Did I mention that he's also a hell of a nice guy!


Billy has done many set ups & refrets for me. My guitars-they all play and feel great! Billy could make a 2x4 play like a dream.


Billy is great at what he does. It's also very refreshing to have a conversation with him about the work you need done, knowing that he is the one that will actually complete the task. I highly recommend this place, it's friendly, honest, and you don't have to leave your equipment their for three weeks. Thanks much, B & D.

TODD B., ,

There are not as many craftsmen in the world as there once was. Billy is a hold-out master craftsman, make no mistake about it. His work is superior. He is not a turn and burn shop, and you probably won't get your gear back the next day. He WILL be upfront with you on his timing, which is all I can ask. I cannot recommend him higher

TOM R., ,

It's like having your own personal Guitar tech. Billy knows his stuff & treats you like a you are a star! Not like some other techs in town who treat you like you are a nuisance

DAN B., ,

Billy is about the most knowledgeable person on guitar repair that I have ever met. I'm not a professional, but have been playing mostly acoustics for 30+ years. The first guitar I brought in was a 12 string guild that required fabrication of a new bridge, reglueing of the saddle, and a setup. II was honestly shocked at the results - now I remember why I bought this 30 years ago! It sounded & played better than it did new. Since then, Billy has worked on (and done a fantastic job) on a martin (cracked top due to lifting pick guard) another Guild that had a large crack in the top, and just recently took a hump out of the fretboard of another acoustic (had to plane the fretboard) that was so bad it was actually fretting the incorrect note (play 10th fret on first string - and actually fretted at the 12th...) Billy loves to chat - & will make sure you understand all options and ensure you've got the right fix. You absolutely do not need to troubleshoot your own guitar - just tell Billy what your issue is, (dead sounding notes, buzzes, hard fretting...) He will look over your guitar tell you how it can be made better. I can highly recommend B&D for all your guitar issues. Also note that although I've focused mainly on acoustic guitars, I have encountered many satisfied customers who have electrics (including basses) & I've even seen mandolins hanging on his repair stands...


I've been going to Billy for 10 years. Every time I buy a new or used guitar I make a Bee line straight to his shop! He knows exactly what he's doing..it's just a matter of fact. I like guitars with extremely low action and no buzzing and everyone of my guitars plays perfect. He doesn't over charge and won't sell you anything you don't need. I used to take my guitars to other places and for 50 bucks they would wipe it with lemon oil and adjust the truss rod..it was a waste. If you care about your guitar and want it to play better ...call him and don't go anywhere else!


Wow! What an incredibly intelligent and intuitive person! Certainly candid (definitely, a straight talker) Billy has taken time with me to tell me what were worthwhile undertakings, on my guitars, and was simply a waste of money. Every modification was entirely worthwhile and the ones which were fanciful (on my part) I certainly didn't miss. A most professional and attentive artisan, whose devotion to his craft is only excelled by the work he will present to you on its completion. Highly recomended (my Teles have never sounded better)

Alan M. Brumer, ,

Billy is like no other guitar tech. Don't even think about just walking in and dropping your guitar off and leaving. He cares about the job he will do for you and will be asking you a whole lot of info so he can get the job done right! I can also guarantee that he will want to see how you play so that he sets up your guitar/bass that is perfect for your personal style of playing. Where else are you gonna find that kind of service?? No where else that I know of!!! Billy, thanks for everything brother!

Bill Gluth, ,

Billy is by far, without any doubt the best guitar repair guy I've used in the past 30 years. Excellent work, fair prices... Billy is guitar repair "talent".

Ron Seremet, ,

Billy took my rather clunky acoustic guitar and did his magic on it. My chords and notes resonate twice as long now and he fixed my amplification problem. He is indeed a maestro!

Futzpah, ,

Someone from a Guitar Center recommended I call B & D a few years ago. I'm glad he did. He is very thorough and it's plain to see his attention to detail from the minute he asks you questions about what kind of work you want done on your guitars. Very polite and incredibly patient. Most other places I've taken a guitar to for service I get the "omg why are you bothering me" attitude. Not the case with B & D. I had him set up 2 ESP guitars and he did an excellent job and gave me some pointers on my set up. Great tech and I look forward to using his services in the future!

Stephen L., ,

Billy is an artisan. Eclectic, unconventional, and outspoken. He took a cheapo guitar my colleagues customized for me and made it entirely playable for the first time ever. Only complaint is on me. I did not take Billy up on his recommendation to trim the set screws on the saddle. He was right, I was wrong. Learned my lesson and will be back. Be patient my friends, it's worth it!

Josh Pratt, ,

Billy is straight up honest and does great work. I might call him Heinz 57 from now on, because he's worth the wait! If you want a guitar set up or repaired and done quickly take to one of the other "places" and see how that works for you. If you want your guitar to be more than what it was meant to be...then take it to Billy! I brought him my Gibson Studio, which played like crap. He did a refret and changed the way it's strung and made a huge difference. I can keep the guitar now....Thanks Billy!

Brendon Mone, ,

I've been getting set ups from Billy for over 3 years and it's the best workmanship I have experienced since I moved from NY in 2003. Having been a guitar player for 23 years I know what a guitar should play and sound like at the professional level. World class set ups and repairs @ B & D, highly recommended for the serious string musician!

David McCullough, ,

Billy does great work, that's all I have to say about that.

DD Klark, Rock kGuitarist, Guru Gods http://gurugods.com

The best darn guitar tech that ever walked the face of the universe! Seriously! Billy has refretted most of my guitars, then sets them up perfectly and exactly the way I want them every single time! A true luthier and awesome guitar player too! If I have a question, I call Billy! Yea, really, if I'm playing a gig in Amersterdam and my ax takes a chit, I'm overnighting it to Billy! There's just no one else that has his skill and background. Anyhow, thanks Billy for keeping my axes honed and toned! You're the best!!!!

Derek Foehr, ,

I first moved to the Phoenix area 16 years ago. I struggled for years trying to find someone to work on my basses who knew what they were doing. Then, about 12 years ago, I found Billy and started taking my basses to him. I have never looked back. He has worked on my vintage Fenders to my Foderas and everything in between. Billy does the best work in town, hands down! He is an honest, staight-forward guy that won't BS you or try to sell you stuff you don't need. As long as Billy is around, he will be getting all my business.

Zsolt, ,

My experience with Billy has been absolutely positive and purposeful. It is a high standard set in quality of repair and value added in every occasion. Furthermore, the personal relationship building and encouragement towards a greater things yet to come and sharing wisdom and providing feedback...etc. All the clients that I referred are extremely satisfied and gained similar experience.

David Wallace, ,

I've been taking my guitars to Billy O' Reilly for years now. I trust no other with my precious instruments. Billy performs absolute magic on a guitar. In fact, the first guitar I recall having him work on was my 95 Mexican Tele. At first, Billy tried to talk me out of putting any money into the guitar (because it was always going to be a Mexican Tele) but after he discovered that I liked the guitar and planned on keeping it forever, he turned it into a guitar that plays better than any American Tele I've ever touched. He first removed the finish from the back of the neck and replaced the thin stock frets with jumbos. The neck now feels outstanding and bending is a breeze. He replaced the stock pickups as well - the bridge with a Jerry Donahue and the neck with an Antiquity. He also rewired the guitar with a 4-way switch. I've since taken many other guitars to him and he has performed similar magic on all of them. I highly recommend B&D whether you need a simple set up or want to completely customize your instrument.

Justin Swartzentruber, ,

B&D is the BEST! Everytime I or any of my students purchase a guitar our first stop is to B&D. Billy is always super helpful and completely honest about what does and doesn't need to be done with your instrument. I've learned a ton just from dropping off guitars and watching him give them an overview. He's saved me a lot of headaches and kept me from throwing good money into a guitar that's not really worth it. Lowell is great too. I've had him take a look at an amp or two. Extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining what's going on with my amps.

Marc Charbonneau, ,

Billy was recommended to me by Guitar Center 5 years ago and they told me he was the best and I have to agree. He has repaired a half dozen guitars of mine. I believe his advise is invaluable.My Tacoma DR14 is the best sounding guitar I have ever played. Recommended by Billy as one of the best for the money and I know him to be right. Billy is the best guitar man in the business. He know exactly what to do to get the most out of the equipmentI send him. I am totally impressed.

dennis, ,

B&D is da bomb! A+++++ Work! Highly recommended. I was referred to Billy many years ago by Guitar Center. Billy at B&D has done over 13 of my guitars.Valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. As picky collector, I would not have anyone else work on them, it's that simple. When Billy is finished with them, they "play like butter!". I have been there when customers come pick up their guitars. You sit down in a room and play to your hearts content. You don't leave till YOUR happy with Billy's job. You will leave with a smile or your face! Whether you a pro, semi-pro or just having fun playing guitar, to fix it, or make it play better. Go to B&D.

Dusty Rhodes, ,

Billy is the best! Took my buzzy, nearly fretless wonder '91 Les Paul Studio lite in to Billy for a re-fret. Although the frets were pretty much gone, he talked me out of a re-fret, said it could take at least 1 more level/crown/dress with nut shim. When got it back, played perfectly, still my best-playing axe and only LP I've ever kept. For less than 1/2 the price of a re-fret. Great,great job, Billy! Today, he finished my VH 5150 clone's first setup. Wow, this baby seriously shreds now, crazy low action and the OFR is so much smoother and sensitive. This guy has the touch, he can transform an average guitar into a fabulous instrument. Takes a little while, but just tell him you've got a gig this weekend and he'll have it ready the next day. Fun dude to chat up, too. Rock on, Billy!

Andy Nonya, ,

The Best there is... period! I have known Billy for many years. He had worked on all my guitars, he is one of the best techs in the nation. People ship in guitars from out of state for him to work on.... so if you live in the valley consider yourself lucky. Highly recommended, a tech you can trust with closed eyes

Meunier, ,

B&D has been a GO TO for years. Myself along with a ton of my customers use Billy and do it that way for a reason. His work is nothing less than amazing! Highly recommended.

Dusty Carter, Director & Guitarist, The Drip Grinders Band

I have been a customer of B & D Guitar Repair for about ten years now. I am VERY PICKY about my instruments and Billy knows it. I can testify that I am 100% satisfied with all the work Billy has done for me. All of my instruments are custom builds- and Billy has either assembled them originally, or modified them as my requirements have changed. I have in the past been disappointed with other guitar repair shops- but never with B & D. I send all my band members and musician associates to Billy- and they too are always satisfied.

I could not be happier with the work Billy at B&D Guitars did for me. It started with a recommendation from Nic Conte at Guitar Center, when I asked about a re-fret job for my treasured Les Paul. He said "well we normally go with XXX, but for a really special guitar, no doubt, Billy O' Reilly is the guy you need to go to." I'm very thankful for that advice! From the first phone call to Billy, I knew that this was a person who knew his trade and cared deeply for providing the very best for his customers. Upon visiting his shop, he made sure that before he started work, he spent 45 minutes to truly understand what was right for me. He had me play to observe my style, talked over several options, and then and only then did the work start. To skip to the end, the guitar came back to me considerably better than when I bought it new from the factory! Frankly, Billy repaired the guitar to a state that it should have come from Gibson - perfect frets, new even nut, installation of a ground line to the bridge (that the factory forgot to do!), and playability across the neck as only dreamed of. I'm looking forward to having him build a custom strat for me later this summer!

Guy Filippelli, Owner, The Sound Guy

Billy listens to what you want,makes suggestions and gets it done Right. He even remembers how i like my guitars set-up.He's honest and straight forward.The Best in Town.

Paul Weddle, ,

Let me start by saying that I have been going to B&D for over 11 years. Obviously I had taken my guitars to different places before, but I was never happy with the results..usually it was all "lemon oiled up" but generally played the same as when I took it in. I didn't know any different back then. That all changed when I met Billy O'Reilly. He took the time to ask me all kinds of questions over the phone, specific questions about my guitar and my playing style. When I met him in person I was stunned by his honesty, his passion and his ability to deliver my guitar exactly how I imagined it to play. I buy cheap guitars..I like weird squiers, and other knock offs ...He makes them play perfect..it's a matter of fact! He really could charge us all a lot more and it would still be worth it, but he doesn't ..Billy's fees are honest and true. When I buy a new guitar ...whatever it is, I don't even go home...I head straight to his shop and drop it off ...so should you!

Ron Black, Owner, Ontrak Marketing http://www.musiconastring.org

Billy is a rare find. A gifted craftsman who loves what he does, is always ethical..... genuinely cares about his customers and simply does the best work possible on those guitars that have become our friends! I have brought several guitars over the years to "Dr. Billy", they always have come back being better than new! Knowing Billy is a truly great experience... I just just can't say enough good things about him and his work! Ron Black



Mitar, ,

I own many vintage and expensive guitars. I'm very particular in caring for them. I met Billy thru a friend in the music industry. Billy is great. He is honest, not motivated by money. He knows his job better than anyone I've met in Arizona. He thinks outside the box and fixes all the problems I've had with my guitars. He'll tell you the truth even when you don't want to hear it. No one in the valley can hold a candle to Billy's work, even though they all will tell you otherwise. Very happy with B&D and recommend them to anyone!

Billy has been setting up my guitars since I first started playing. I did not know what I wanted, so Billy took the time to watch how I played and he knew exactly where to set it up. The guitar feels great, and plays great.

Mike Dale, ,

I have never been disappointed with any of Billy's work. A true craftsman in his profession. No need to look anywhere else. He will do a great job for you at a very fair price.

Frank Conti, ,

Billy O'Reilly is not just a great guy.. he's a great guy who does great work at reasonable rates. I've brought several guitars to Billy. They left me as pieces of wood with strings. They came back to me as perfectly playable,awesome-sounding instruments. I can honestly say that every single bit of advice Billy has given me has proven absolutely correct. Why? Because he knows a helluva lot about guitars, ad he asked questions, listened to my responses, and took the time to know exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Billy gets "mad" when I call him a "genius," so I'm glad someone else beat me to saying that here. You're a genius Billy. Thank you my friend...

Korwin, ,

B&D is the place you want to go if you are seeking top of the line service in Phoenix. Arizona for that matter, I have asked around, searched and tried techs in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson. I will not mention names, but I can say with great confidence that Billy takes the cake, speaking from my experiences. On top of feeling safe about him having your instrument, he has also provided the best customer service. As many have already stated, he CARES. He wants you to walk away with a smile on your face after playing the instrument upon completion. He will tell you to sit down and play it, to guarantee your satisfaction with his work. Can't say enough good things about Billy. Be it a setup, restring, damage repair, refret... do yourself a favor and go to Billy

Billy is, quite simply, the only person I truly trust with my guitars. Because I'm no longer living in AZ, I have had others do work for me...and no one even comes close to the quality, value and honesty Billy provides. If there's even the slightest chance that I'll be in Phoenix and that I just may need some work done, I always give him a call to reserve time on his bench. I trust Billy so much that if he told me I could fix a given problem with one of my instruments by dancing nude around a lit circle of incense by the light of a full moon, I would only ask one question. How long do I dance? Take it from a picky SOB. Billy's the man.

Dave Braden, , Fenix Guitar Engineering

Back in 2008 I found a Business card for B&D at Guitar Center(PHOENIX:2750 West Peoria St. Phoenix, AZ 85029). I bought a Epiphone SG Special & was trying to add a killswitch. Without charging me he finished wiring it for me & I've been a loyal friend & customer ever since. I've put together 3 guitar since & he has work on all 3. They are by far the best playing, most fun to play guitars I own & it's thank to his excellent knowledge & remarkable skill that keep me coming back.

Sean Breen, ,

Billy is the best, period. I've been taking my guitars to him for over 5 years and his work never disappoints. Unlike some other places, Billy takes the time to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your guitar, and he always has plenty of great advice if you're looking to buy something. Don't waste your time anywhere else.

Kevin Crook, ,

I met Billy when I bought a new 2005 American Stratocaster at Guitar Center and the frets were sticking out on both sides of the neck. I told them I would need it fixed if I bought it so they sent me to Billy. When I got the fret dress and set up done, the guitar just played amazing ! And it played better than my favorite guitar that I had for 15 years. So I talked to Billy and asked him how I could get my old Strat to sound better than the new one.He asked me the kind of music I wanted my guitar to sound like and I got an Amazing Humbucker put in and to this day I'm still raving about that.I got Billy to do work on that guitar about 5 times,teaking things here and there,and I play so much I just kill my frets so now I have stainless steel frets. Now that guitar just kills the other one !! Billy takes a lot of care and perfection in what he does and has a wealth of knowledge of the guitar.I've had him work on some rare guitars I've picked up though the years. And had him set up a guitar that I thought couldn't be set up to play.It was an old Aluminum Neck Kramer ,that the frets are all but gone ,he set it up and rewired it (the wires and switches were cut and broken).The guitar doesn't even buzz.I surely thought it would never play with the frets like that. Lowell Hunt is the amp genius who works miracles on amps and fixed a major switching problem I had .He made my Mesa Boogie sound amazing !!! Lowell and Billy are in the same shop now , Lowell's in the back because that guy is loud . Give them your business , you will be shocked amazed and in awe of the work they do!!!!

Stephen May, ,

Five or six years ago I bought a guitar from Guitar Center that needed some work. Heck, I don't even remember what the problem was that cuased them to send me to B & D Guitar and Billy O'Reilly, but I'm glad that guitar had that problem, because this situation introduced me to Billy. Since then, I have taken at least ten guitars to Billy for setup and/or repair, and I have been more than satisfied each time. Billy is an exceptional human being. He really cares about the people that he serves. Yes, of course he wants to make a living doing what he does, and he ain't cheap (although certainly reasonable, especially considering the quality of the work), but Billy's main goal is to make sure that you, the customer, are happy. Many times he has quoted me a price for some work and then asked me if I really liked the guitar enough to pay for the work! In other words, Billy will never try to "load you up" so that he can make money but will always try to make sure that you get the work that you need and can afford. Several times I replaced nuts on my guitars with off-the shelf parts (Tusq pre-cuts) and the action was too high. Billy filed down the nut grooves very carefully, measuring down to the .64 of an inch, and then said, "no charge." What else can I say? I have a real relationship with Billy, and I trust him with all of my guitars. You should, too!

Randy Scott Delbridge, President / Owner, Superior Surveying

I have owned many guitars and have had a lot of work done to my guitars over the years. There are those who work on guitars and there is Billy, of B&D Guitars, who takes each guitar personally, like it was his own. He will not return a guitar to you until he is satisfied first. He will not try to "fix one up" if it is not in the best interest of the client. I am not putting anyone else down, I am simply trying to say that when it comes to guitar repair, setup, dress up, dresss down, call it what you will, over these past years Billy has always done the kind of work that I would expect from a professional.

Victor Grady of HellFire guitars, Owner/operator, HellFire Guitars

I have known Billy for alot of years he has done almost every guitar repair for me that I can imagine,from fixing a broken neck to refretting necks and electrical work.His work is stellar.He has even helped me fix my own guitars.he is always willing to help.I would not send my friends to anyone else. Luck and good fortune to you brother Vic

Charles B, ,

Billy is magic I have had many years experience with Instruments, and people who fix them. Billy is the best. He has worked on every thing I have brought him and exceeded my expectations. From Frailing Scoops in banjos to completely reworking a base billy has done it for me. Simple to true innovation and all points in between. Additionally he is the only person my wife trust with here ukuleles. In fact she wont play one with out Billy having a go with it first.

Jeff , ,

I have had Billy do all my fretwork and stuff on my Les Pauls for years now. He does precise work and takes care like no other here in the valley.

D. Kockinis, , Take It To The Limit

I've been playing professionally for many years and have had work done on my numerous guitars over the years by repair people in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. I feel very fortunate to have found Billy at B and D, now that I live in Arizona. I never have to think twice about Billy's recommendations or comments regarding my instruments, because he treats my guitars they way I do. That means Billy has earned my trust. His work is impeccable and he actually listens to my suggestions on the final adjustments. Incredible! I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Billy.

I was referred to Billy over 10 years ago and have trusted his abilities ever since. His skill set and knowledge make guitar center look like a third hand pawn shop. Billy continually provides insight that is unique and is second to none. If you need anything from a re-fret to a custom re-build Billy is your tech. Give him the opportunity to do one set up and you will be hooked! Not to mention he is one the most hysterical human beings on the planet. GO B AND D!

Duke Wright, ,

Billy and Lowell are the best! Billy can make your guitar play like butter no matter what kind of shape it's in. He has some special "tweaks" he can do to get the best tone out of your guitars. Lowell is an amp genius. I have taken several old octal tube amps to him that were a mess and he made them sound like God. He is amazing. B & D is the best one stop guitar and amp shop I've ever done business with. Just outstanding. Give 'em a try!

Bryan Crump, ,

I have been going to Billy for guitar setups and repair since I met him through a friend over eight years ago. He is the most knowledgeable and skilled guitar tech I know and has become a good friend. He has done work on various acoustics and electrics through out the years and when I have gone to others at times when Billy has been backed up, I always end up back to Billy to get it done right. He is fair, honest, won't waste your time and your satisfaction is his #1 priority.

TubbyHubby, ,

Billy is a genius at what he does. You have to understand that I thought I loved my Strat before I brought it to him. The intonation wasnt perfect and the G went out of tune constantly, but I loved how the guitar played regardless. When I took it to Billy, he spent a long time with me, asking me questions about how and where i use the guitar, what style of music, what other gear and strings I use, etc. He was extremely thorough and even spent some time just watching how I play. Billy told me that I could get by on a fret level, dress, and set up. The wait was a little long, but that is only because he's swamped with other repairs, and now I know why: my guitar is absolutely fantastic now! Not only does it stay it tune, but it's perfectly intonated. I do not understand how Billy was able to get the action so low without any buzz The guitar feels incredible and actually sounds better now too, like the whole thing just resonates better, not even plugged into an amp. I have no idea what Billy did, I just know that I am taking every guitar I own to him and am going to recommend the same to every guitarist I know. After the magic he performed on my Strat, I would trust just about anything he says. He's been doing this his entire life and it shows. This is not a guitar tech who went to some trade school - just talk with Billy and you'll realize the depth of his knowledge. this is someone who's learned by doing, so he has the true knowledge and ability to make your guitar play and sound better than ever!

N/A, ,

You get what you pay for... and I wouldn't take my guitars to anyone else. TRUST ME- About me- I've played with half a dozen grammy winning/multiplatinum artists. I have pro gear/endorsements ...I use my guitars, I beat them up- I'm very hard on them. (I spend GOOD money on amps/effects/processors/preamps but don't spend much money on guitars at all- I take decent $300-500 guitars and put good pickups in them and beat them up) You will not find anyone with more knowledge or experience than Billy. There is no one that has more care in the quality of his work...or cares as much as satisfying the customer... I've noticed most guitar techs- do what they like, do what they know... it's not like that with Billy.... he asks questions like 'what do you tune to' 'how hard do you play' 'what do you like' 'what is your style' 'what are you trying to accomplish' and he has no problem putting all the work into the world to achieve what you want if its possible... I've never seen someone spend practically hours trying out different springs in the back of the tremolo to find the combination that makes the guitar perfectly stable.... I took him a box of telecaster parts that cost $200-250-- he put that thing together from scratch and made it play better than ANYTHING I've played out of the Fender Custom Shop that was $10000+. ALSO... I mentioned I spend all my money on amps... Lowell Hunt from Hunt Amplification is simply the best in the world. EVERY SINGLE AMP I OWN even if it was fine- Lowell has worked on... big or small from a good cleaning to a complete overhaul... my amps are in no better hands. He is incredibly knowledgeable about everything amps... from what mods or parts will matter/wont matter- what tubes are worth the money and a waste of money... what cheap transformer blows away the $500 transformer.... He is the best in the world... take your amps to him now... He's spotted wiring mistakes in my Mesa Boogies... did all sorts of preventative things to my Marshalls to make them more reliable and fix all their design flaws... The BEST amp guitar and BEST guitar guy in the world are in the same shop. I can't think more highly of the two

Andrew Simon, ,

Best shop ever! I have been following Billy through the years from location to location. He is a great tech but above all, he cares, and he will treat your instrument with the same high passion and dedication no mater what. From Student to Rock Star.... same great service! Highly recommended.

Aaron Merkatz, ,

If you're a player you know how important it is to have the guitar feel like it was made specifically for you. Your action, your tone, your guitar! Billy has made every guitar I've brought in to him feel like it belongs in my stable. From a simple setup to full fret job and more! Billy takes the time, listens to your requests and by goodness he returns your guitar to you just the way you asked for it. If you are not completely satisfied even with the littlest thing (because he cant know until you play it) Billy takes care of it pronto. Billy has worked on my TV J45, Gretsch Rancher, Takamine and Guild 12 (real one). Buying a guitar? Bring it to B&D Guitar Repair. A guitar is ment to be played, and Billy does a wonderful job getting your guitar to its full playing potential. Prices are very competitive if not less expensive than other places I've checked out. One thing to remember when you go an see Billy is get ready to answer one question " Do You Love The Guitar?" You will understand when you see Billy. He is also very honest and does not blow smoke. Thanks Billy and you will see me again!

Dave Fricker, ,

Hey Billy the Musicman plays like butta! Thanks My friend

David Waters, ,

I've had three Guitars done by Billy at B&D and they play absolutely fantastic! From a simple set-up to a complete re-fret with other mods. Everyone else just wanted to grab my guitar and spirit it away to the back, not so with Billy, He asked me about my style, type of player I am, watched me play, then made sure I wanted to do the work requested so I wouldn't put money into something that might not be necessary. My guitars are just amazing and he has me play them before I pay him to make sure I'm satisfied with the work. Billy is a true craftsman and professional in his work and your guitar will thank you and so will hands! Billy is the BEST and you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! Go to B&D for the best you can possibly do for your guitar.

Jordan Hurt, ,

Best guitar tech in the world in my opinion! He does what YOU want and he makes sure that you get the best.

Bill Dutcher, ,

Billy is "The Man" when getting your geetar over-hauled, set up or repaired. Constantly exceeds customer expectations!

Roy Shrum, ,

Billy is a wizard. There is no one else I would rather have work on my guitars. B and D does amazing custom work on Guitars and amps too.

N/A, ,

I've taken my guitars to several valley shops over the last several years. Never real happy until I found B&D. B&D is the ONLY place I use.

N/A, ,

Billy is an awesome person and runs a good business with his Guitar Repair shop. Other places charge over the top prices on simple things, but he puts a fair price on all his work and does it well. My guitar never sounded better!

Pat, ,

B&D Guitar services are always provided in a very ethical and professional manner. Billy is an expert at all the services he provides. I will NEVER let anyone else ever touch one of my guitars as long as B&D Guitar is in business. They are the very finest nationwide. They are honest, very dependable, highly ethical and very technically competent regarding guitars. B&D Guitar (Billy) is an expert with all the services they provide! In addition, their pricing is always fair. If you take all of your prized possessions (guitars) to Billy like I have, you will soon realize the "...magic" that he applies to all of his very, very fine work! Your guitars will play perfect and will be returned without a scratch. B&D Guitar is the finest in the business!!! Thank you very sincerely for all of your excellent services.

Griseous, ,

Best Repair and set ups, period A++++!! As a collector, the only place I will take my guitar is B&D. It does not leave his shop till you play it, and are happy. Billy's experience with pro musicians is evident in his quality of craftsmanship.

Roscoe, ,

Best guitar repair "magician".... period!! Billy is a magician !! He has worked on several guitars of mine over the years, old and new ones, and has done a superb job on repairs as well as having given me sincere and honest advice. When you are lucky enough to find an "artist" that loves what he does, and treats his customers well you have truly found a gem !! Billy is that guy!!...

Nash, ,

#1 in phx if you need your guitar set up or anything else to do with a insturment with strings

Don Ortiz, ,

The BEST Guitar repair in the state of Arizona!! Billy's desire to make his clients happy is a small part of what he really dose. He is the most down to earth and honest person in our industry. Truly a master of guitar repair in every aspect. If your neck needs fixed. Rewiring pickups or new pickups. New tuners or in need of intonation work Bill'y the only one I have "Trusted" with my guitar for over 15 years! Tell Billy Don sent you!

Steven Jurich, ,


N/A, ,

WOW...awesome place. Excellent customer service. We purchased an electric guitar and have had the best of luck in keeping it in top shape. The owner, Billy, is fabulous and works with us on all the stuff we need done while keeping the repair costs at a minimum. Highly recommend B & D Guitar!!!!!

Jeff L., ,

I've found Billy three years ago through a friend of mine after having an off-putting experience with a re-fret on one of my guitars. He said take it to this guy. I did, and I owe my friend many thanks! I took an acoustic to Billy to setup...just to try him out. Since, he has done all sorts of work for me from basic setups to entire re-frets. If you want a particular sound, ask Billy, he will educate you. Billy has worked on every one of my guitars at some point and they ALL play incredible. Cons: He does not have anybody working for him. He does ALL the work himself. Because of this there is a wait. But I tell you what...it is well worth it!

Dave Lee, ,

Boy, you're going to think that I'm an employee due to the positive reviews I gave to both Hunt amps and B&D, but both of these guys are the best in their field bar none in the Phoenix area. Billy setup a basket case guitar I brought in due to the great reviews from other yelpers here. He asked me about my playing and preferences, found out some things that were wrong with my (home built) guitar and fixed it. Not only did he setup the neck to play incredibly fast, but raised the whole Floyd assy. to play like a Les Paul which I really like. I've been disappointed with a few other shops in the past, but Billy really loves what he does and it shows.

Eldin F., ,

I bought a guitar on craigslist that was missing a tuner peg. Guitar Center wanted to replace all of the for almost a 100 dollars. After calling around I found Billy very close to me and drove over there and he was very knowledgeable, friendly, just a master at his craft no doubts about it ... I can's say anything bad about it. If you need your gear serviced he will go above and beyond for his customers. Anything I need I WILL BE GOING TO BILLY ....

Ray C., ,

Are you kidding me? Billy is BEYOND THEE BEST! NO ONE makes a guitar scream like this cat does! THANKS!

Zerro, ,

I purchased an ES-335 on eBay the frets were terribly and unevenly worn. Billy was able level the frets and get my dream guitar back in action. He put a lot of work in trying make it play right for me. All at a fair price. I can not say thank you enough. Billy has become my "go to" shop for guitar repair. Thanks Billy!

Robert, ,

Very proficient, knowledgeable, and does quality work

Tom, ,

Thank Goodness I found Billy! I have been there two times ; I was treated like a Rock Star! The work Billy did was 1st rate. This guy is tuned into the customer, I don't care if you are a beginner or a pro Billy will take the time to work with you & teach you about guitars.So if you want to be treated like a Rock Star go see Billy @ B&D!

Riley Stephenson, Guitarist, Dung Heep http://www.dungheep.com

I need to give a HUGE shout out to my friends over at B&D Guitar Repair. Billy O'Reilly is pure magic with his work on guitars! Lowell is one the BEST amp techs/guru's I have ever met! I know that there are some great techs out there but my amp sounds KILLER thanks to Lowell and his crazy knowledge on all things electric. My guitars all play and sound the absolute best that they can thanks to Billy! If you need work done on your instruments I HIGHLY recommend them!

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